03 August, 2010


Candy Cakes

Isn't Sass & Belle just so magical?

Sass & Belle

As I mentioned in my previous post, I visited London for the day on Thursday with my friend. This was one of my best days that I have spent in London so far, I have visited the city a number of times but my friend and I have planned to visit London together for awhile. We spent the whole of the day walking around London visiting all of the beautiful little places around the city.

When we first arrived in London we first visited Convent Garden. We visited a beautiful cupcake shop, Candy Cakes and a litle shop, Sass & Belle. If you are visiting Convent Garden when you are next in London, then I really recommend these cute little shops. We first started the day with buying one of the Cupcakes from Candy Cakes, and I have to say, they were so delightful. If you a lover for homemade Cupcakes and anything pretty then you would be in your element. We couldn't resist to take a few pictures with us with the cupcakes. I chose Raspberry with Apple with Nougat and my friend chose Berry.

Sass & Belle was the next shop we visited, it was filled with so many wonderful and magicial items for your home. It was my first time I had ever visited the shop, and I would definitely be returning back to visit it again. I was very tempted to buy nearly half of the shop, some of the items that I favoured the most were bird cages, vintage photo frames, and many owl and bird items.

We also visited South Kensington, Leicester Square and China town. We spent the rest of the day takings pictures and shopping, but we also spent some time visiting the National Portrait Gallery and Science Musuem. We finished the day with visiting a little vintage shop, called Absolute Vintage. I brought two vintage blouses. It was a beautiful day.

26 July, 2010

A day in the past

First of all, I would like to apologise due to the fact that I have not been blogging very frequently, I have been terribly busy recently, mostly on trips visiting various places, seeing family and friends, going to events and travelling. The past couple of days has been pretty hectic, but today was my free time and a day to relax. However, I am off to stay at my friends house on both Wednesday and Thursday night and spending the day in London on Thursday. As you can tell, quite recently my life suddenly turned quite busy, but I am so excited that I finally have some time for blogging, and plus, I have some exciting things coming up!

I have been thinking alot about my blog recently, and I decided it is in need of a layout change and new content. What do you think? I would also like to focus a little more on making littleowlwaltz more personal, with more outfit posts, my personal art and craft projects and my travels. As well as of course my inspiration and so on. I will begin with my layout change and new content as soon as I have some spare time on my hands.

Anyway, to focus on what this post really is about, the name of this post, a day in the past is perfect to describe my Sunday adventure that I had this weekend. I spent the day at a history event, it was such a fascinating day and for such a good cause too! The event was to support all of the heroes from the past and present who took time to fight in the wars and help to support our country. There was so many people who dressed up as victorians, vikings, everything from the past who volunteered to put on displays to show us what the english civil war and life was like back then. I even had a go at trying Archery, but I didn't hit the target, unfortunately!. They also had helicopter rides, a show for fashion from different eras, side stalls, and vintage aircraft displays. I took my camera and spent the day taking lots of pictures to show you my little adventure.

18 July, 2010

Sunday countryside visits

I seem to be making a habit of these countryside visits on Sundays, but I couldn't pass on a lovely drive out with family for lunch and a trip to a wonderful seaside. Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera- silly, I know! We stopped of at a lovely old fashioned pub for some seaside lunch, and I ended up having Salmon and Prawn Salad (mmm my favourite). We walked along the seafront, looking at all the boats and I was wishing so much that I brought my camera along with me. Next time I will, I promise! Afterwards, we went on a long drive, stopping at various places to visit the lovely seas and the surroundings. It was a lovely, warm day for it too. I hope you enjoyed your Sunday?

I could not write a post, without any pictures to show you, so I'd thought I'll share with you all some of my recent finds I brought from an antique store.

I couldn't resist buying these cute little owl finds. The little owl ornament is placed on my window sill, while the owl picture frame is hung up on my wall.

I fell in love with the subtle, cream colour and the floral decoration. It sits perfectly next to my little owl ornamanet. Have you brought any wonderful antique finds recently?

16 July, 2010

A trip to the woods

This is what I wore today when I went for a walk to the woods with family. I walked past this lovely little corn field and decided to take a couple of pictures while I was there. Recently, the weather has been really hot outside and I haven't visited the woods in awhile, so it was a lovely day. I love finding little fields near woods, it makes visiting the woods feel even more wonderful. I even brought a book with me that I am reading at the moment and sat and read it for a while.

15 July, 2010

Bedroom Inspiration

I have been looking through the wonderful pictures on Harriet's flickr. She is a girl that above all things, enjoys freedom, truth, beauty & love. All of the pictures are truly inspiring and her bedroom is filled with so many lovely vintage finds.

Can you spot the little owl collection in the top left corner?

13 July, 2010

ModCloth Wishlist

ModCloth has started to become a little bit of an obsession (oops!). Since I first discovered ModCloth, I have been searching endlessly at the hundreds of beautiful clothing that they have on their website. I thought I would start a wishlist and share with you some of the items that I like at the moment!

1. Constellation Prize Dress - $64.99
As you may know, I seem to have a love for anything polka dot these days. I came across this dress on ModCloth and fell in love with it straight away. The colour blue and polka dots are the perfect combination for me at the moment. It also has little hidden pockets in the dress which is so cute! I imagine wearing this with some vintage jewellery and brown strappy sandals.
2. A Little Sip Necklace - $13.99
As it mentions on the little description on the website, this necklace is so cute and dainty. My friend brought a similar necklace for me with a floral tea cup on with a little spoon and bow. It really was so cute! I'm not sure why I would need another tea cup necklace, but a girl can dream!
3. Too Good to Be True Romper - $69.99
I definitely agree with the name of this romper, it certainly is too good to be true. I love the floral pattern and the fact that it has little pockets. I love the overall look of rompers, I think they would be perfect in this warm weather.
4. Power of the Shorts - $39.99
Oh my, these shorts are perfect! I came very close to nearly buying these the other day, along with the Whistler's Sister Blouse. I added both items into my shopping bag, but stopped there! However, I'm sure I will probably buy these one day soon. I love the bow- it makes the shorts look so adorable!
5. Breezewood Skirt - $74.99
A bow and a summery floral pattern- say no more! This skirt is so lovely, and would be perfect to wear at a little picnic with friends. I have only just brought a floral skirt quite recently, but a girl can have more than one floral skirt- right?
6. Med-owl-ian Ring - $13.99
Seeing this little owl ring made me so happy. I have been looking for the perfect owl ring, since I found one in Accessorize. Unfortunately, when returning back to the shop, all of the owl rings were sold out, so when I came across this little owl ring on ModCloth- you can imagine how happy I was!
7. Whistler's Sister Blouse - $52.99
As the description describes, this blouse evokes the image of a high-spirited Victorian girl who had an artistic eye for fashionable attire. I love the two layers of lace along the front of the blouse and it would look perfect with any skirt or shorts.
8. Hot Spot Romper - $44.99
As I have a love of all things polka dot, this would be a perfect romper for me. I can also imagine wearing it with little ankle socks, a brown leather satchel and brogues. Maybe with a long plait or curly hair to finish the look.

What do you think about these items? Do you have a favourite?

I would also like to say thank you to those of you who have recently started following me. It really means alot to read your new comments with your lovely words.

11 July, 2010

Claire Coles

I came across the work by Claire Coles sometime ago and her work has been saved on my computer ever since. Her designs are so enchanting and always leave me inspired everytime I look at her work. She graduated from Middlesex University in 2003 with a first class honors in Applied Arts. Her beautiful work has been shown in magazines such as, Elle Decoration, Vogue, Inside Out, Country Living, Grand Designs and many more.

To me, Claire is a very talented young designer that creates delicate and emotive designs. My favourite pieces are her vintage wallpapers, bird brooches and her ceramics. She has carefully hand-sewn all these wonderful designs that creates inspiring pieces of art.

(These are two of my favourite designs, as I have a love of owls and deers and of course, the owl is quite relevant to my blog name)

Claire Coles deserves a mention on my blog for anyone that has not yet ever discovered her work, or if you already have, then why not have a look again at the wonderful pieces of art. Her work will leave you feeling inspired.

You can browse the collection of her handmade gift items on her online shop, which offers a range of gift cards, ceramics, bird brooches and vintage wallpapers.

10 July, 2010

Interview: The Drifter and the Gypsy

I recently had the privilege to do a little interview with Micaela, and you would know her best as being the writer behind the blog, the drifter and the gypsy. I have been reading Micaela’s blog for awhile now and it really is such an inspiration for us all.

If you have not yet ever visited the drifter and the gypsy, then I suggest you take a look. Her blog covers all aspects of art and has been created to inspire other people. I am also very grateful for Micaela’s help while i was creating littleowlwaltz. She helped me out a great deal with the blog and would just like to say a massive thank you to Micaela and credit goes to her for the help and advice of my layout design.

Me: Tell us a little bit about yourself
Micaela: I'm 16 years old and live with my parents and dog Aubrey in San Francisco. I love the city, it makes you feel alive.

Me: When and why did you decide to start up The Drifter and the Gypsy? What inspired you to start blogging?
Micaela: I started The Drifter and the Gypsy in November of 2008-gosh, that seems so long ago now! I believe beauty should be shared with others and what better way to do that than start a blog? I stumbled upon a few inspiring blogs and thought to myself, 'Why am I not doing this?!'

Me: Do you think your blog has changed since your first post?
Micaela: Oh yes, definitely! When I first started blogging, I was writing a lot and needed a place to record my thoughts. At that time, I was more inspired by words than photography. Now I've become a much more visual person, and my blog has changed with that.

Me: That is so lovely. I also noticed you have a love for art. Do you have any favourite artists?
Micaela: If, by artists, you mean photographers, I have a lot! It varies, but my current favorite photographers are Eleanor Hardwick, Candace Meyer, Anna Wolf, and Rockie Nolan.

Me: What made you start up your very own shop?
Micaela: After posting some pictures of mine, a few people started asking me if I was selling my photos. I never considered selling them and thought if enough people expressed interest, why not give it a try? My shop is currently closed for renovation though. I do not know when it will reopen.

Me: Where do you find your inspiration for your outfits? Do you have any favourite fashion designers?
Micaela: I find inspiration for my outfits by what I see others wearing. I love spending countless hours browsing through Lookbook.nu and seeing peoples' personal styles. I also try to wear what I would want to photograph, as a photographer.

Me: How would you describe your perfect day?
Micaela: Get up at my leisure, browse the Internet, do a photoshoot with a pretty model in a beautiful location, make some things for my room, edit photos, and end the day by reading in bed.

Me: What item of clothing do you own that you are most surprised you have ever bought?
Micaela: I own a very bright blue vintage sequin top. It is not really my style, but I think if paired with the right outfit, the top would look very nice. I've only worn it once though!

Me: If you could go anywhere right now, where would that be?
Micaela: I've been wanting to go to the Netherlands for quite some time now. It seems so quaint and beautiful there. I'd also love to go to Australia.

Me: Last but not least, when you are not blogging, what are your other hobbies?
Micaela: Oh gosh, so many! Photography, random craft projects, running, violin, piano, and writing.

(the photos are some homemade craft items that Micaela has made)

09 July, 2010

Summer so far

When summer first arrived, I knew I had to go on a car journey and visit all the local beaches around the area. Having only lived here for two months, I am still getting use to the area and exploring all the little towns and villages that I have never visited before.

I visited four different beaches all on the same day, and as it was a lovely, hot summers day, what is better than taking a couple of pictures to show you my new dress from H&M? When I saw it in the shop, I couldn't resist. I seem to have a love for anything that has polka dots these days.

What do you all think about polka dots?

04 July, 2010

First ever post

It is exciting to be able to write down my first words to you all in this first ever post on littleowlwaltz. I hope you are all enjoying your summer at the moment. In England, it has been lovely and warm and I plan to go exploring as much as possible this summer. I have so far spent this summer visiting the forest and four different beaches (pictures will be posted soon) and I have also been vintage shopping here in the village and enjoying the sun while it lasts. I hope you too have been going on lots of little adventures this summer.

Aleyn is a twenty something girl who loves to take pictures and draw beautiful things. Her photography work and illustrations really are beautiful and I have been appreciating looking at Aleyn's work on her blog and flickr. If you have not yet ever visited her blog and seen her work, then I recommend you take a quick look. Her work really is truly inspiring.