04 July, 2010

First ever post

It is exciting to be able to write down my first words to you all in this first ever post on littleowlwaltz. I hope you are all enjoying your summer at the moment. In England, it has been lovely and warm and I plan to go exploring as much as possible this summer. I have so far spent this summer visiting the forest and four different beaches (pictures will be posted soon) and I have also been vintage shopping here in the village and enjoying the sun while it lasts. I hope you too have been going on lots of little adventures this summer.

Aleyn is a twenty something girl who loves to take pictures and draw beautiful things. Her photography work and illustrations really are beautiful and I have been appreciating looking at Aleyn's work on her blog and flickr. If you have not yet ever visited her blog and seen her work, then I recommend you take a quick look. Her work really is truly inspiring.


  1. Katy you are such a sweetheart! <3

  2. Your blog is amazing! Keep it up, it's definitely under my favorites now. :)