13 July, 2010

ModCloth Wishlist

ModCloth has started to become a little bit of an obsession (oops!). Since I first discovered ModCloth, I have been searching endlessly at the hundreds of beautiful clothing that they have on their website. I thought I would start a wishlist and share with you some of the items that I like at the moment!

1. Constellation Prize Dress - $64.99
As you may know, I seem to have a love for anything polka dot these days. I came across this dress on ModCloth and fell in love with it straight away. The colour blue and polka dots are the perfect combination for me at the moment. It also has little hidden pockets in the dress which is so cute! I imagine wearing this with some vintage jewellery and brown strappy sandals.
2. A Little Sip Necklace - $13.99
As it mentions on the little description on the website, this necklace is so cute and dainty. My friend brought a similar necklace for me with a floral tea cup on with a little spoon and bow. It really was so cute! I'm not sure why I would need another tea cup necklace, but a girl can dream!
3. Too Good to Be True Romper - $69.99
I definitely agree with the name of this romper, it certainly is too good to be true. I love the floral pattern and the fact that it has little pockets. I love the overall look of rompers, I think they would be perfect in this warm weather.
4. Power of the Shorts - $39.99
Oh my, these shorts are perfect! I came very close to nearly buying these the other day, along with the Whistler's Sister Blouse. I added both items into my shopping bag, but stopped there! However, I'm sure I will probably buy these one day soon. I love the bow- it makes the shorts look so adorable!
5. Breezewood Skirt - $74.99
A bow and a summery floral pattern- say no more! This skirt is so lovely, and would be perfect to wear at a little picnic with friends. I have only just brought a floral skirt quite recently, but a girl can have more than one floral skirt- right?
6. Med-owl-ian Ring - $13.99
Seeing this little owl ring made me so happy. I have been looking for the perfect owl ring, since I found one in Accessorize. Unfortunately, when returning back to the shop, all of the owl rings were sold out, so when I came across this little owl ring on ModCloth- you can imagine how happy I was!
7. Whistler's Sister Blouse - $52.99
As the description describes, this blouse evokes the image of a high-spirited Victorian girl who had an artistic eye for fashionable attire. I love the two layers of lace along the front of the blouse and it would look perfect with any skirt or shorts.
8. Hot Spot Romper - $44.99
As I have a love of all things polka dot, this would be a perfect romper for me. I can also imagine wearing it with little ankle socks, a brown leather satchel and brogues. Maybe with a long plait or curly hair to finish the look.

What do you think about these items? Do you have a favourite?

I would also like to say thank you to those of you who have recently started following me. It really means alot to read your new comments with your lovely words.


  1. haha I know what you mean, I'm a teeny bit obsessed myself :) I love the Med-owl-ian Ring



  2. I think your blog is amazing! :) I like it very much! I love England and English!
    your style is great! :))

  3. Modcloth is indeed amazing! I love that owl ring and the tea cup necklace. You have great taste.

  4. I love the hot spot romper, I could imagine skipping through a field in it hehe!

    x The Velvet Bow