09 July, 2010

Summer so far

When summer first arrived, I knew I had to go on a car journey and visit all the local beaches around the area. Having only lived here for two months, I am still getting use to the area and exploring all the little towns and villages that I have never visited before.

I visited four different beaches all on the same day, and as it was a lovely, hot summers day, what is better than taking a couple of pictures to show you my new dress from H&M? When I saw it in the shop, I couldn't resist. I seem to have a love for anything that has polka dots these days.

What do you all think about polka dots?


  1. I think your dress fits you perfectly, Katy! I am a big fan of polka dotted things myself. Splendid choice of dress for a lovely trip on the beach, on what seems to be, a really hot summer day basing on your photos :]
    I hope you are having a ton a time wondering about on your new home.


  2. i am addicted to polka dots lately!
    that dress is stunning on you.
    definitely planning on doing a blog post on your lovely blog soon

  3. These photos are lovely. And I'm all for polka dots :)

  4. Ahh your photos make me want to go back to England again! Polka dots are always cute =)

  5. lovely!:)
    your blog is adorable.

  6. I love polka dots ! I am a sewer and I have curtains made of polka dots fabric but I'm thinking of turning them into a dress. Your dress is pretty !