18 July, 2010

Sunday countryside visits

I seem to be making a habit of these countryside visits on Sundays, but I couldn't pass on a lovely drive out with family for lunch and a trip to a wonderful seaside. Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera- silly, I know! We stopped of at a lovely old fashioned pub for some seaside lunch, and I ended up having Salmon and Prawn Salad (mmm my favourite). We walked along the seafront, looking at all the boats and I was wishing so much that I brought my camera along with me. Next time I will, I promise! Afterwards, we went on a long drive, stopping at various places to visit the lovely seas and the surroundings. It was a lovely, warm day for it too. I hope you enjoyed your Sunday?

I could not write a post, without any pictures to show you, so I'd thought I'll share with you all some of my recent finds I brought from an antique store.

I couldn't resist buying these cute little owl finds. The little owl ornament is placed on my window sill, while the owl picture frame is hung up on my wall.

I fell in love with the subtle, cream colour and the floral decoration. It sits perfectly next to my little owl ornamanet. Have you brought any wonderful antique finds recently?


  1. I really love the last picture! :)
    It is very beautiful! Ich mag es! :)
    Two days ago I got a beautiful antique clutch with flowers on it. :)

  2. love your blog. i am new here...

    Anyway, i'm inviting you to join a giveaway on my blog... http://dream.chymecindy.com/2010/07/csn-stores-25-giveaway.html

    Have a great weekend.

  3. just found your blog, it's beautiful :)

  4. lately I've been hunting these beautiful old things aswell.
    I guess it always gives us a nice feeling, like remembering old good times, right?

    I'm glad I discovered your blog.